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♥ Southern Love ♥
A Minami Keisuke Community
Recent Entries 
29th-Apr-2007 08:15 pm - Minami blog translation
I translated 1 entery from Minami's blog, HE WENT TO KAZUKI'S LIVE!!! ;o;

I Tried  Translated Mianmi's Valentine's Day entery!! and there is an update in minami's Official site~

(Come to the Other World)
3rd-Feb-2007 08:12 pm - Minami Keisuke Fanlisting
[동방신기] 민희 omfg a het icon?! XD

Southern Cross: Minami Keisuke FL

Yosh~ Finished the FL for Kei-chan! Woot! ^^ I hope nobody minds that I titled the site Southern Cross.. *gets pelted with tomatoes*

I'm sorry but I couldn't think of another name~! T.T

Anyway, I hope you can check it out and join~! ^_______________^
13th-Jan-2007 12:01 pm - Minami's New Photos
Just wanted you guys to know that there are new bloodyphotos in Minamikun's official site. From the shooting of Shinigami no Ballad. It's easy to be a member (for now).
Click and join?
10th-Jan-2007 07:14 am - MEN'S DVD + Photobook

Here are the links to buy Minami's DVD and Photobook (if there is anyone other than me that is interested in buying it!)

Published on 07/01/10, 2,000 yen, size A4, 88 pages
PCZG-50004 Minami Keisuke 『Ga Sai Gon』 HMV - Amazon - Yesasia

The MEN's DVD:
PCBX-50955 Minami Keisuke 『One-way Ticket』 - CD Japan - Amazon - HMV - Yesasia
I couldn't help not buying the DVD and Photobook!

here are the videos about the releas of the Photobook!
The first
The second

can someone rip them? *chough*
10th-Jan-2007 04:50 am - Minamikki Official Pictures ~
I took the pictures off cause what juu-chan said was right!
so if you want to see the pictures go to minami's official website and register there, then you can see the pics, wallpapers and everything else!
10th-Jan-2007 01:09 am - Minami Keisuke Official Site Profile
nikki is so vain she icon'd her face
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Minami Keisuke

Birthdate: July 3, 1985
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: sports, driving
special skills: basketball dunk shoooting
Achievements: driver's license, Waseda University student (course: political economics)

Project ListCollapse )
9th-Jan-2007 04:06 pm - A question about Minami's name
I've got a small question:
The japanese article about Minami at Wikipedia says that his real name is 本村圭介.
According to Rikai.com his real last name can be pronounced Motomura or Honmura.
Does anyone know which one of those two is correct?
Because it's somehow frustrating to know his real name, but having no idea how to pronounce it correctly ~.~
9th-Jan-2007 05:05 am - For the love of Minami Keisuke
ようこそ『Southern Cross』へ!
Hello and welcom to the first community detected to Minami Keisuke the 3rd generation Tezuka Kunimitsu in the Famous Musical "The Prince of Tennis".

Uhhh... I don't know what else to say .....
Oh yes! pleas join!

Not a very fancy layout but i did my best =_=
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