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♥ Southern Love ♥
A Minami Keisuke Community
Fic: Rough going 
31st-Aug-2007 08:40 am
reira sparkling~
Title: Rough going
Author: Fyra (fyrathilwen )
Beta-read: none
Word count: 1029
Rating: *clueless*
Pairing: Minami Keisuke x Nakayama Masei
Timeline: 13. 07. 2007.
Summary: after the certain broadcast of Amesuta Gakuen, Nakayama Masei can't hold it back anymore. To have a guess about their relationship, download that broadcast at animemusicstore ).
A/N: written to the inspiring Marta pimp, whose works I highly recommend to read and who is the other 50% of the proud Minamihhh x Masei fangirls XD.
Disclaimer: they aren't mine. None of them D:.

The camera, Masei, the camera!

Comments and feedbacks are welcome :3.

X-posted to pureboys and tenimy_slash. Sorry if you see it more than twice :o.
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