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♥ Southern Love ♥

A Minami Keisuke Community

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Minami Keisuke Rules
Birthdate: July 3, 1985
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: sports, driving
special skills: basketball dunk shoooting
Achievements: driver's license, Waseda University student

-Notable Projects-
• CX Friday Entertainment Single Fassa ~Reporter Shinjou Keigo's Case Files~ (Wada Yuuchirou)
• NHK Drama Series Rizou no Seikatsu (Ookura)
• TBS Monday Horror Theater Gekai Reiko 4 ~Heartbeat 240 Byou~ (Matsudo Jun)
• TV Drama Lemon Angel (Toshiya)
• TX Shinigami no Balled (Kamiki Shinnosuke)
• NHK Thursday Historical Drama Natsumo Agare (Tokunosuke)
• tvk, Chiba TV, Triple TV, and KBS Kyoto's Namae de Yobunatte!

B. Movie
Shounen to Hoshi to Jitensha (Yamada Mitsuru)

C. Theater
• Pure BOYS Act1: "7 Cheers! ~Tobe! Jibun Toiu Daichikara~
• Musical Tennis no Oujisama - Advancement Match Rokkaku Chuu feat. Hyoutei Gakuen
• Musical Tennis no Oujisama - Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku Chuu ~First Service~
• Musical Tennis no Oujisama - Dream Live 4th (+ extra in Osaka)
• Musical Tennis no Oujisama - Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku Chuu ~Second Service~

D. Radio
• Maberajio (Local broadcast)
• Maberaji W (Internet radio)

• Lemon Angel Live Action (Toshiya)
• Men's DVD "One-Way Ticket"
• Namae de Yobunatte! Keep My Faith Alive

• Musical Prince of Tennis Best Actor Series 005 - Sakurada Doori as Echizen Ryoma (guest)
• Pure BOYS debut Single "Kampai Je T'aime"

:: Men's Photobook "Ga Sai Gon" (01-10-07)

Full profile here.

Official Site
Official Blog
Pure BOYS Official Site
1. You must be a Minami Keisuke fan. All discussions, media posts, inquiries, etc., must be Minami Keisuke-related.

2. Introductory posts are welcome, but not required.

3. Icon and other graphic posts, fanfiction, fanart, and youtube embeds need not be locked, but they have to be under a cut.
3.1. Icon posts must have only 3 previews before the cut. Mixed icon sets must have 5 or more Minami icons (to avoid spamming).
3.2. Fanfics and Fanart of any genre are allowed as long as they're Minami-related. Please put the title, genre, rating and description/summary before the cut. NC-17 and R -rated art and fics MUST be locked and must have a warning before the cut.
3.3. Youtube embeds should always be in a cut to save loading time. A simple link is also appreciated instead of the whole embed.

4. All media posts MUST be LOCKED. Media posts include videos, mp3, official images and scans.
4.1. When re-sharing vids, pics or mp3, make sure you have permission from the original uploader and please credit him or her for
his or her effort.
4.2. Images from Minami's blog should not be reposted. His site has a notice about how the images should not be used. Aside from the free images in his official site, all other images (from his blog, his old profile, and anything with the logo or copyright note of the site) should not be reposted as is, used for graphics like icons and layouts or kept in a public album.
4.3. Do not direct-link images! If the picture is from his official site/blog, a link would suffice. Other than those, use your own media host like Photobucket or Imageshack.

5. Media files shared in the comm should NOT be posted in your personal blogs, other communities or forums without prior consent of and credit to the original uploader. Also, it wouldn't hurt to support the actor and his works by buying the real stuff.

6. Selling stuff is allowed provided they are Minami Keisuke stuff. General Tenimyu merchandise should be advertised in general Tenimyu communities.

7. Translations should not be posted outside the community unless the translator explicitly allowed so. Do not claim any translations/scans, etc. as your own, please.

8. Please refrain from bashing other actors, whether they are Tenimyu actors or not. This is a community for Minami Keisuke, but we should respect his costars. No flame wars please. These people are just being professionals and there is no need to do hate posts over them.

9. Please refrain from arguing with other members and respect each others' opinions.

10. Commenting on the uploader/sharer is very much appreciated. Please show them you recognize and thank them for their efforts. Questions, media requests and other inquiries are welcomed, but keep them friends-locked. Before requesting, make sure you have checked the tags. Don't be just a lurker!

Posts and comments not following the rules will be deleted ater 1 warning.

Other than that, have fun ^_^
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